MUSCAEDO offers biological fly control programs, using the natural enemies of the house and stable flies to solve your fly problem.

Whether you have pigs, cows, calves, horses, sheep, goats or chickens, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Black Garbage Flies – Ophyra Aenescens

Ophyra Aenescens is perfect for fighting flies in climate controlled pig stables with slatted floors.

Ophyra is released gradually into the stable environment. It is the natural enemy of house and stable flies, and eats their larvae before they can emerge. As a result, Ophyra will eventually be dominant in the stable, and since they prefer dark places and prefer to stay under the slats, they will not bother animals or people.

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Parasitic Wasps – Muscidifurax Raptorellus

Our Parasitic Wasps are of the species Muscidifurax Raptorellus.

They are perfect for stables with straw bedding, housing cows, calves, horses and more. Just sprinkle out our parasitized larvae at regular intervals throughout the fly season, and sit back, as the insects kill off the house and stables flies before they even get a chance to leave the pupae.

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